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Steal the show during your online meetings

The corona crisis made telework mandatory. Also meetings were exchanged for online meetings. But most companies have now embraced this innovative way of meeting and will continue to use it in the future. But not everyone is presenting himself optimally in front of the camera. Just look at Bart De Wever, who we could all admire in his underpants.

Steal the show during your online meetings

TIP 1: Love is in the (h)air

For the ladies among us, it’s tempting to let go of your wild locks. Unfortunately, it can cast strange and unwanted shadows on your face during a video call. So wear your hair out of your face, for example with a low ponytail or a hairband.

TIP 2: Ensure good lighting

Make sure the light falls on your face. Can you sit by a window? Then don’t sit with your back to the window, but rather face the window. No windows? Then don’t sit right under a bright light, rather put a lamp in front of your face.

TIP 3: Blush & highlighter

With a small amount of strategically placed blush, you’ll look instantly fresh and perky. A soft pink or peach shade gives the most natural look. To make your eyes stand out, dot a little highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes after applying your mascara.

TIP 4: The clothes make the man/woman

Dress and get ready for the meeting as you normally would. Follow your work routine and choose an outfit as if you were attending a face-to-face meeting. Avoid clothes that are too dark, such as black or gray. But also watch out for colors or patterns that are too bright, such as checks or stripes. These can create what is known as the moiré effect, where these patterns start to shimmer or vibrate making for a very distracting image.

TIP 5: Choose the appropriate background

Finally, a last piece of advice for those who don’t want to be confronted with a surprising situation online: make sure you have already taken a close look at your background beforehand. It is obvious that no wasted laundry baskets or dirty socks should be found in that background.