Drawing up a correct personnel planning is not obvious. A planner must have a lot of information. However, this information is often spread over several people and systems. Nevertheless, correct personnel planning is essential to achieve the objectives of the organization.
A good personnel planning is beneficial for the productivity and flexibility of your organization.
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A good personnel planning takes into account many different factors. The larger the organization, the more factors there are. This includes planned absences, preferences, needs, skills… and this always individually per employee. As a result, it is not obvious for the planner to put together the most optimal staff planning.

Therefore, to support the planner in his function, an unlimited number of rules can be defined in our employee scheduling software. A check is made on the basis of these rules. The report contains a score and suggestions so that the planner can optimize employee planning to perfection.

In many organizations, personnel planning and time registration are separate from each other. Yet they both rely on the same information such as absences, overtime, work schedules, cost centers,…. Because this information is kept up to date in multiple systems, both the planning and the processing of time registration take more time than necessary.

An integration of employee planning with time registration offers a solution. The required information is stored centrally and kept up-to-date. Finally, manual actions are kept to a minimum when an employee deviates from his base planning.

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Traditionally, staff schedules are hung in a common area. This way, every employee can see when he or she is expected. However, this is not the most efficient way to inform employees. A schedule is often changed due to unforeseen absences or changes in need.

To cope with these situations, every employee can always consult the staff planning realtime in the Employee Self Service. This is a secure environment that can be accessed from any location via the PC, tablet or smartphone. In addition to the planning, other things such as time registration, leave, certificates,… are also available.

Depending on your existing IT infrastructure, you can choose an On-Premise or Cloud installation of our software. GPS will support both options now and in the future.


With our Cloud solution you are totally care-free. You always have the latest version of our software and you don’t have to worry about backups or security. Do you still have a problem? Then our support team will help you free of charge.


Do you have an up-to-date server at home? Then nothing stands in the way of an On-Premise installation. You purchase the licenses once and remain your property. Thanks to a maintenance contract you get free updates and you can always call on our help desk.

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