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5 tips for a clean desk

25-01-2022 | Do you also go into the new year with good resolutions? Sports, more time for hobbies & healthier food? At GPS we have at least one good intention: start the new year with a clean desk. Because "a clean desk is a clean head". In short, tidying up creates peace. So to start the year off on a successful note, it's essential to organize your desk.

5 tips for a clean desk

How to do it?

With our 5 tips, you’ll achieve and maintain a clean desk.

1. Start with sorting

Order begins with sorting. Take everything off your desk and empty all your drawers. Then you start sorting everything. By putting everything together you get an overview of what you actually have. Then the tidying up really starts.

2. Dare to throw away

Review the piles you made at step 1: what do you really need? Remove everything you don’t use or is unimportant. “Clean up your desk regularly” is the message here. Make sure you always have a trash can nearby.

3. Archive your stuff

Papers, reports and books quickly pile up. This creates chaos on your desk. Therefore, use boxes and folders to store everything. Extra tip: label everything, so you can find everything quickly.

4. Limit cables

Create a place where you have all your adapters from your electronic devices. That way you always have everything together. With a cord storage system or simple tape you can easily keep the visible cables of computer, network, printer together and work out of sight.

5. Keep your desk clean

Especially now in the times of corona, it is important to properly clean your desk. Use suitable cleaning products, for example, spray cans for your keyboard or damp wipes for your computer screen. This will also bring the necessary peace of mind to your head.

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