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8 in 10 Belgians are by no means tired of teleworking

Belgians are by no means tired of working at home. 84% of Belgians want to telework two or more days after the corona pandemic. That is 19% more than at the beginning of the corona crisis. Because of the lack of social contact and teamwork, Belgians are not keen on working full-time at home.

8 in 10 Belgians are by no means tired of teleworking

Five weeks into the first lockdown, a large “telework survey” was conducted among employees of various organisations. This already showed that Belgians had acquired a taste for teleworking. Now, one year later, teleworking tastes like more.

The proportion who still want to telework at least two days has risen from 65% to 84%. What’s more, a greater number of employees now prefer to telework three days (33%) instead of one day (12%). Last year, this trend was reversed.

Belgians seem to have found their rhythm at home. 65% are even more productive at home than at the office. This is due to the time gain, the ability to concentrate and the avoidance of commuting.

The survey also shows that working full-time at home is not a good plan. People need informal contact (72%). In addition, the office environment is more suitable for brainstorming or other creative work (56%). Individual work – such as telephones, project work and administration – everyone seems to prefer to do at home.

More occasional teleworking does have its consequences. BDO has calculated that 30% fewer workstations are needed at the office. In addition, many companies urgently need to set up an ‘office planning’ and teleworking policy.

Finally, occasional teleworking also has an effect on remuneration. A home worker is entitled to different allowances than an office worker. Therefore, one has to look for a registration solution like the one from GPS Time & Security to get an overview of the teleworkers and office workers on a daily basis.

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Bron: BDO