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Comeback trainee Julie

Our intern Julie is back. Do you still recognize her?

Comeback trainee Julie

For those who missed it, we will introduce Julie again. Julie is a student at the PXL and follows the field of study marketing & communication support. Last year she also did an internship here for a few months, which we look back on with a nice feeling.

This year Julie was faced with an important choice, because she had to choose her graduation direction. She had the choice between marketing or communication. Her eye jumped quickly on marketing and she told us about it. Of course we picked up on that and offered her the opportunity to participate in the creation and execution of our content strategy. With the intention of making the GPS brand top of mind for our intended client.

With a lot of enthusiasm and her accompanying mouth mask, Julie will continue her efforts in the coming year. And with a backpack full of knowledge she will finish her year so that she is ready for her further career.

We wish Julie lots of success!