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Culture Champion 2021

This year our colleague Sebastiaan Spee can call himself the proud owner of the famous "Culture Champion award". A well-deserved award for such a passionate and cheerful colleague as Sebastiaan.

Culture Champion 2021

What does the Culture Champion Award stand for?

The Culture Champion Award is presented annually to a colleague who has carried our values in an exceptional way over the past year. In short, Culture Champions instill confidence in company missions and values, celebrate the successes of their colleagues, and look for diverse ways to take our company culture to the next level.

Why do we present this award?

Every employer wants employees who feel like they are at home because those employees can give their very best every day. Those employees feel empowered, dare to take risks, and be their best selves.

That kind of deep connection happens when an organization nurtures a culture that helps employees feel aligned with the company, every day. That’s why we want to keep highlighting these values because it’s what defines our organization.

How is the award granted?

Every quarter, a satisfaction survey is conducted among the employees. In this survey, they also have to nominate one other colleague who deserves the Culture Champion Award each year. The person who receives the most nominations at the end of the year may call himself the Culture Champion of GPS for that year.

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*this video is in Dutch



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