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Customer in the picture: Van de Velde

Van de Velde celebrates its 100th anniversary!

Customer in the picture: Van de Velde

One hundred years ago, entrepreneurs Margaretha and Achiel Van de Velde founded a corset workshop in Schellebelle. In the meantime, the family business has grown into a dynamic and global fashion company with strong lingerie brands. Unique craftsmanship and a love for lingerie design are central to this: a century later, in the same studio in Schellebelle – the beating heart of Van de Velde – we still design the most beautiful lingerie with a superior fit.

Since 1996, Van de Velde has been one of our customers. Because they have opted for GPS time registration, personnel planning and access control, they benefit optimally from all integrations. We wish Van de Velde many more years of success!

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