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GPS boost their social media

In this digital world, GPS wants to be more present on social media. In order to make this project run smoothly, we called in trainee Ivan, who is going to help us for the next 3 months. Read below how we are going to approach this together.

GPS boost their social media

We want to achieve our goal by means of a strong content strategy, keeping you up to date on our recent developments on a weekly basis.
Secondly, we will expand our online community to create even more interaction with our target audience.
And finally, our solutions for time registration, personnel planning and security will be more visible on social media through original advertisements.

To help us do this, we’re hiring Marketing student Ivan. He’s going to help us enormously with his fresh ideas, which he’s just picked up from UCLL’s school desks.

Ivan chose GPS because he wanted to experience the cosy and family atmosphere within this dynamic family business. His goal is that GPS will do even better in the future through their additional digital presence.

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