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HRM software supports you in times of Corona

Unseen times call for unseen measures. That's why Belgium will stay in lockdown for at least another 2 weeks. This has consequences for Belgian companies and their employees. HRM software can support you in these difficult Corona times.

HRM software supports you in times of Corona


Teleworking or working from home is the norm during the Corona lockdown. Only when this is not possible due to the function, employees are allowed to move to work. This measure is widely respected by Belgian companies. However, in many of these companies there is little control over the teleworkers. Are your employees actually at work? Thanks to time registration, you gain insight and can monitor the performance of your teleworkers. Moreover, the teleworking days per employee are neatly tracked in the time registration software. This allows you to pay out the wages correctly at the end of the month, taking into account extra or lost premiums.

Temporary unemployment

Our government supports companies and their employees affected by the consequences of the Corona lockdown. One of the support measures is temporary force-job unemployment for all or part of your employees. Time registration software can support you so that you do not create problems in your payroll administration. Simply create a new absence, request the correct wage code from your social secretariat and link it to the absence. In this way you handle everything correctly from an administrative point of view.


Are you not temporarily unemployed and is teleworking not an option? Then consult the tips below to keep Corona in charge on the shop floor.

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