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New training | Security & Payroll in GPS Time & Attendance

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New training | Security & Payroll in GPS Time & Attendance

More and more often we see that our customers – and their key users – want to expand their knowledge about our Time & Attendance software. As a result, they are less likely to use our helpdesk and can therefore work more efficiently with our Time & Attendance software.

We are also very much in favour of increasing the knowledge of the key users so that they can work more efficiently. That is why for many years we have been providing training courses in Personnel Management and Time & Attendance, which is the basis for every key user. Now we are adding a new training course: Security and Payroll.

In the Security part, you will start working with the security profiles from our Time & Attendance system. You will learn how to create or adapt profiles to suit your own organisation, regardless of size and complexity. Then comes the Payroll part. Here you get to work with pay codes that you learn to create and link to the right person and/or absence.

This new training follows the same principle as the other trainings. First, we give you a theoretical basis. So that afterwards you can get to work yourself in a personal test environment. Also with this new training you will benefit from a 30% discount via the SME portfolio.

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