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Productive teleworking with these tips & tricks

Today teleworking is the norm! That's why it is important to remain productive at home.

Productive teleworking with these tips & tricks

Our consultants are normally on the job every day to support companies with Time & attendance registration or Personnel planning of their employees. But the corona crisis forces us to telework together. Working remotely with your colleagues is not always easy and requires adjustment on the part of the company and its employees. Productive working from home can be a challenge, especially with the whole family at home. But with a few good appointments and a few useful tips and tricks, you can avoid a lot of pitfalls.

There are plenty of ways to stay productive and avoid being isolated. From creating a quiet work environment, drawing up a work schedule to the way you communicate with your team.

We are happy to share some tips and tricks on how our employees work productively from home. As well as the benefits that teleworking provides for you but also for your customers.

1|Keep communicating is the key to success

With the colleagues

In a crisis period like this, in which we do telework, it is very important to keep in touch with your colleagues. This isn’t always easy, because you can’t speak to everyone immediately, like in the office. Fortunately, our employees have an overview of who is present for each team using the Employee Self Service of our Time & attendance registration software. In this way, the leave days of colleagues can be taken into account when scheduling meetings. In this way we still create a close partnership.

At GPS Time & Security we also often use the tool Teams, to quickly communicate with each other, follow up tasks, help each other with the execution of tasks and pass on information to each other

With the client

Like us, most other companies today also work remotely. Because of this, face-to-face contact with the customer has become a null and void concept. Here as well, Teams offers the solution. This way, you stay connected and the meeting can continue, but from home. The lack of non-verbal communication does require the necessary habituation for all parties.

Even if you wouldn’t immediately think so, a customer benefits from this. In our case, our Time & attendance registration and Personnel planning consultants save their trips. They invest the time saved back into the customer. As a customer, you get more value for money.

Other benefits we have discovered for our customers are to be found in our training courses. These can also be done remotely, which saves us the effort of relocation. We use the time savings to draw up a customised manual.

In addition, the digital communication tools also make it possible to include the training. This way, you can replay it at any time afterwards if you don’t remember something. Or you can forward it to other employees. This increases the range of the training. And as a customer, you get more value for money again.

In this way, we make every effort to continue to offer our service remotely without compromising on quality.

2|Create routine

Working from home doesn’t mean that your employees have to spend the whole day in bed behind their computers, because that way they will soon lose their productivity. So make sure they create routine as before. Here are a few tips:

  • Get up early
  • Take a break in time
  • Make a to-do list
  • Always try to finish what you’re doing

3|Create your own workplace @Home

Not everyone has a well-equipped office space or desk at home. Nevertheless, it is best to motivate your employees to create their own workspace at home as well, where they are well separated from disruptive factors.  For example, they need to recreate an “office” by putting them far away from all distractions. We understand that this is quite a task. Nevertheless, our consultant Jurgen knew how to deal with this creatively. He works from his motorhome on the courtyard at home. This allows him to work undisturbed, as well as maintain his productivity.


4|Create the most optimal conditions

Your office workers are subject to a lot of ergonomic risks, especially now that they don’t have a rested office at home. As a result: absenteeism, reduced productivity and disturbed working relationships.

With the ergonomic tips below you can increase their comfort, health and the effectiveness of their workplace. In short, you teach your employees how to work ergonomically!

  • Sit upright in your office chair
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Put the monitor right in front of you
  • Keyboard at the edge of the desk
  • Give your eyes space
  • Clean desk

5|Set goals and work in a planned way

By working systematically, a clear whole is created in which everyone knows what the starting point is and through which roads, within which time frame, the end point should be reached. Intermediate results can also be mapped on the way to the end goal so that you know whether you are on the right track.

In our case, in addition to registering their working hours and absences, our employees can also register their activities. This gives you real-time insight into the time spent by your employees.


Do you also want to map the productivity of your teleworkers? Discover our solutions for Time & attendance registration or contact us directly!