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Schedule vaccination leave quickly and easily

The National Labor Council authorized last week about the right to paid leave for administering vaccinations. But how can you implement this leave quickly and correctly for your employees? We at GPS are pleased to help you with that.

Schedule vaccination leave quickly and easily

How much time should you provide?

The proposal for legislation provides for workers to be given the necessary time to be vaccinated. This depends on the time needed to travel to the vaccination center, get vaccinated and return. In most cases, this will take half a day.


The employer in question cannot refuse the absence, but the employee must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Communicate the time slot of the vaccination with the employer
  • Send the invitation + confirmation of the appointment -> these serve as proof

The vaccination leave is valid until the end of this year but can be extended.

How can we help you?

Through our Emprova time registration software, you as an employer can quickly and easily create a new specific absence with corresponding wage code to register this exceptional vaccination leave.

Your employees can request the time slot for the vaccination in question in the GPS Employee Self Service with the “Vaccination leave” absence you created, whereby the start and end hour are also mentioned.

In case the time span changes or the appointment is delayed, the end time can of course be adjusted manually without any problem.

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