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Will time registration soon become mandatory?

A judgment of the European Court of Justice seems to suggest this.

Will time registration soon become mandatory?


European directives impose a number of obligations on us. All European member states then translate these directives into their own laws so that they can be followed by the population. However, questions about the interpretation regularly arise. The same applies to the minimum rest period and maximum working hours. That is why Spain has submitted the following question to the European Court of Justice: Should a Member State require employers to set up a time recording system to record daily working time?


The European Court holds that:

  1. Directives on minimum rest and maximum working time exist to improve living and
    working conditions
  1. Member States must ensure that directives are respected by taking ‘the necessary
  1. Without a time recording system it is impossible for the employer, employee and
    inspection services to check whether working hours and rest periods have been respected.

What does this mean for you?

Belgian legislation already requires time registration for companies where employees have sliding schedules. In addition, time registration is already mandatory in sectors such as construction, meat processing and funerals. It therefore looks very much like time registration will soon become obligatory for every employee.

Fortunately, a modern time registration system is not only there to respect minimum rest periods and maximum working hours. Time registration software also supports you during the remuneration of your employees. And finally, a time registration system also offers the possibility to optimize HR processes.

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