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Home work Emprova

Working from home is an upcoming trend that comes with administration. How can you simplify your administration easily with Emprova?

Home work Emprova

Working from home is more and more on the rise. Companies have been obliged to work from home for several weeks now. The newness has worn off, most employees have found their routine. Attics and spare rooms have been transformed into offices. Also the employers are now trained in the on-remote steering of their organization.

However, we did notice that many of our customers have not yet fully adapted their Emprova software to work from home. Resulting in extra administrative work for the administrator. Because we want to save you as much administrative work as possible, we have put together a FREE webinar. In this we will tell you how you can simplify the extra administration because of the homework. This webinar will take place on Thursday 25/02 at 10h

You can register by clicking here.

*The webinar is in dutch