The benefits of camera surveillance

  • Surveillance of properties and buildings
    A camera surveillance network makes it possible to observe large areas in a discrete manner.

  • Monitoring of production processes
    Camera surveillance can save a lot of time for monitoring automated processes or quality control.

  • High quality camera images always within reach
    Via your PC, tablet or smartphone you can quickly view and export the live stream or recordings.

  • Efficient deterrent against unwanted visitors
    Theft and vandalism can cost your organization a lot of money, so extra attentive eyes are needed.

GPS Camerabewaking 03

You can choose from the widest range of cameras on the market

GPS is not tied to one camera producer. We always select the right camera according to your needs. We take into account the position, technical specifications, degree of recognition, price,…

  • Dome
  • Bullet
  • 360°
  • License plate
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Easily manage your camera network

You manage the camera network via the included software from Milestone. This allows you to add and configure cameras quickly and easily. Always per camera and per user (privacy masking). You can view recordings and live images from any location via smart client, web and app.

Seamless integration with access control

With one click you can call up the camera images of an access action. This is often applied to entrances to warehouses, entrance halls,… Everything takes place in the same software, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Read more about access control

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