Automate all your HR processes

Win back the time you spend today on numerous repetitive HR tasks

Accurate leave planning in 1-2-3

Creating a vacation planning is made easy thanks to our time & attendance software. All collective absences are planned at the beginning of the year. The remaining days of leave that are free to choose, can be quickly scheduled by each employee using Employee Self Service. Because leave rights are linked to each employee, you can never take too much leave.

Illness of an employee

If one of your employees is ill and therefore unable to come to work, a number of formalities need to be taken care of. The process starts with the sickness notification. Then you receive a medical certificate. And finally, the calendar also needs to be adjusted for correct payroll administration. Our time & attendance system automates this process completely. A great time saver and one less worry for you.

Easily assess overtime

When your employees perform overtime, the assessment will often be done by the direct supervisor via the Manager Self Service. The supervisor is in fact much better suited than the HR department because they have a better insight into the overtime performed.

Management by exception brings your efficiency to the top

Employees who follow the time & attendance rules don’t need to be checked. That is why our time & attendance system will only pick out the ‘offenders’ based on the filter you select. This way, you manage your employees very time-efficiently.

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