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Do Monday

Today is Blue Monday. Called the most depressive day of the year. Although this claim seems to be a PR myth, it can be a nice incentive to take a critical look at your company. Do your employees enjoy going to work this Monday as much as they always do, or do they see Blue Monday as just another heavy day at work? Our GPS staff came into the office today with a smile on their face.

Do Monday

Investing in job satisfaction pays off, we at GPS can already confirm that. Because employees who experience sufficient freedom, support and space for development, enjoy their job more and as result. They are less likely to report sick. But how do you increase job satisfaction and stimulate engagement? We help you on your way with the following tips.

  1. Get to know your employees really well: What are their talents, what drives them?
  2. Create a corporate culture where there is room and time for open and honest communication
  3. Focus on responsibility. This means that employees are given their own responsibilities. And can create space to organize their work in the way they think is best and ensure themselves that results are achieved.
  4. Create focus on talent development
  5. To motivate employees and boost their commitment, it is important to show your appreciation for their work.


In addition, we must not ignore engagement in the workplace. Passionate employees get satisfaction from their work, are very involved and feel energetic, flexible and proud. On top of that, enthusiasm makes employees more productive and innovative. In short, enthusiasm has a large positive social and economic impact.


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