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Benefit from time & attendance

More efficiency for your personnel administration is the biggest advantage of our time & attendance solution. At first glance, only the HR department seems to benefit from such a system. However, time & attendance also has great added value for every employee and the management.

You can consult the data from our time & attendance system in many different ways. Both as raw data or as processed data in reports. As a result, you always have the necessary information to take strategic decisions or to identify problems in the field of HR.

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To improve the work-life balance, more and more employees want to decide for themselves when – flexitime – and where – working from home / teleworking – they work. The choice of leave also plays an important role. Via the time & attendance software, you determine the rules within which your employees are given that choice & comfort.

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A modern HR department contains a lot of administration. Our time & attendance – in combination with your social secretariat, other HR software or ERP – helps you to reduce the HR administration. Digitalisation and automation not only saves you a lot of time. It also reduces the risk of errors. This means that your costs in terms of administration and control fall drastically.

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The information from the time & attendance system is available to the entire organisation. Of course only for the people with the required authorisations. This makes it easy, for example, to assign certain HR tasks, such as the approval of overtime or the creation of personnel planning, to a direct supervisor.

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