Worktime and attendance registration

Registering the working hours and attendance of your employees provides you with important information. Not only do you get the right data for faultless payroll. You also get many insights to manage your organisation efficiently.

Fast registration of working hours

Thanks to the time and attendance registration solution of GPS, you get an overview of the working hours of your employees. Everything starts with a fast and simple registration of the working hours. You can register both fixed and flexitime working hours. At the workplace or from home.

Today, most worktime registrations takes place via the time clock. This can be a badge system or biometrics. However, alternatives such as the computer, smartphone & tablet are on the rise, especially among office workers.

Efficient management of absences

Besides the working hours of an employee, their absences are also important for a correct payroll administration. Illness, short leave, (collective) leave, parental leave, leave due to ADV… you can easily and in accordance with GDPR legislation keep track of them all in the calendar of our time & attendance software.

Want to save even more time? Thanks to smart request rules in our software, you can have your employees’ leave requests reviewed by a direct supervisor.

Automatic calculation

With GPS time & attendance registration, you get the most powerful calculation engine in the industry. As a result, you will not have to make any calculations manually. A big time saver! It also drastically reduces the chance of any mistakes being made. In short, you gain in efficiency for your HR administration and you get more time for strategic HR tasks.

Management by exception

Because not everyone registers their work times and absences flawlessly via the time and attendance registration, you as manager will have to correct this. Fortunately, thanks to the numerous error filters and the management by exception principle, you can quickly identify the errors.

Real-time data in clear overviews

The result of time and attendance registration is a large amount of HR data. This data can be used for remuneration, post-calculation and all kinds of HR reporting.

Do you want (full) transparency within your organisation? Then you can also give each employee insight via the Employee Self Service. Thanks to the different authorisations, you can determine who gets to see ‘what’ exactly.

Ready for more?

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