Time & Attendance registration

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What is time & attendance?

Our solution in 5 steps

Time & attendance registration provides insight and control into the working hours and absences of your employees. In addition, efficient time registration facilitates new working regimes such as sliding working hours or work from home. And finally, our time registration software simplifies numerous processes for an efficient personnel administration.

The benefits of time registration

The objective registration of working hours and absences is very simple and offers your organization numerous benefits.


The working time of employees is valuable. It is therefore essential that the personnel department always has control over working hours, overtime, leave,...

Time saving

Digital time registration automates time-consuming and repetitive processes. The time you gain with this, you can invest in more strategic HR tasks.

Peace of mind

The remuneration of staff is a complex task. Our software reduces the chance of errors to a minimum. That way you can rest assured. Every month again.


One prefers to start early, the other late and another works from home. With time registration you facilitate everyone's work regime and remain in control.


By providing insight into the performance and absences you avoid any discussion. WHO and WHAT someone is allowed to see, you of course decide that yourself.

Communicate efficiently with all employees

Without hassle

A complex administration is a major stumbling block within organizations. It prevents smooth communication so that simple processes take up a lot of time.

With the Employee and Management Self Service you digitize numerous HR processes and you communicate efficiently with all employees.

Our calculation engine is the most powerful in the sector

No more manual calculations

Our software uses a potent calculation engine for all performance calculations. However, this engine can be used for much more.

  • Meal vouchers
  • Bradford factor
  • Working hours reduction
  • Training days
  • Bike allowance
  • Custom calculation. Challenge us!

Seamless integrations that simplify your administration

Everything under control

To simplify the administration, our time registration software integrates with numerous external applications. This way you can easily import and export data to your social secretariat, interim office or other software. We provide various standard integrations and an API for a customized integration.

Discover all integrations

Still not convinced?

More than 1000 companies and 250,000 users experience the benefits of our intuitive and powerful time registration software on a daily basis.

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