The benefits of digital visitor registration

  • Protect the data of your visitors
    The personal data of your visitors is processed and stored in accordance with GDPR legislation.

  • Speak the visitor's language
    The visitor can log in and out in his own language. Language barriers are therefore a thing of the past.

  • Personalized visitor label
    Every visitor receives their own visitor's label. Optionally with access code for secured areas.

  • Customizable to suit your organization
    The registration process is fully configurable. You can also adjust the layout and colors to your own style.

Quick sign in and out

In just a few steps

Your visitors can sign in or out independently via a tablet. They choose (1) a language, (2) enter their personal details, (3) choose their contact person and (4) optionally approve the household rules. As soon as everything is filled in correctly, a personal visitor badge is automatically printed (5) which can also give them access to secured areas.

To make the registration of scheduled visitors go smoothly, you can create visitors in advance. Those visitors will receive an email confirmation as well as a personal QR code. They scan the QR code at the tablet, so that all data is entered automatically. Finally, when they confirm, they receive the personal visitor badge.

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Seamless integration with access control

Giving visitors access to secured locations is easy thanks to the integration with access control. Via the access code on the visitor badge, a license plate or QR code, visitors can easily open secured doors, barriers and gates. An additional advantage is that visitors are also placed on the evacuation list. These is therefore complete in case of an emergency.

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